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The number of years a couple has been married, their lifestyle, the formality of the occasion and your relationship to the couple are all factors to be considered when choosing an appropriate gift.

The following is a list of traditional gifts for anniversaries.

  1st Clocks or Paper
  2nd China
  3rd Crystal or Glass
  4th Electrical Appliances
  5th Silverware
  6th Wood or Iron
  7th Copper, Bronze or Brass Desk Sets
  8th Linen or Lace
  9th Leather
  10th Diamond Jewelry, Tin or Aluminum
  11th Fashion Jewelry or Steel
  12th Colored Gemstones or Pearls
  13th Textiles or Fur
  14th Ivory or Gold Jewelry
  15th Crystal, Quartz or Watches
  16th Silver Hollowware
  17th Furniture
  18th Porcelain
  19th Bronze
  20th Platinum
  25th Silver Jubilee
  30th Pearl or Diamond
  35th Jade or Coral
  40th Ruby
  45th Sapphire
  50th Golden Jubilee
  55th Emerald
  60th Diamond Jubilee

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