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Archive for 'handbags'

Should we do a holiday Pop-up Shop?

I have gotten calls this week from many of you, our loyal customers asking us…”Will you have your holiday Pop-up Shop this year?”
My initial reaction was that given the economic climate this certainly didn’t feel like the year to do it. The above picture was the interior of a raw space that we converted [...]

get hooked-the must have for your designer handbag…

No more laying that Chloe handbag on the floor of your favorite restaurant!
Christina spotted this ingenious Mimi purse holder designed by goldsmith Liana Cavallaro. The purse hooks secure to the dining table to hang display your beautiful handbag. They are available in 18/10 stainless steel in both platinum, 24kt plated gold, hand sewn jewels, Swarovski [...]