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I had to share this customer email on the question “Should we or shouldn’t we do a Holiday Pop-up?” The above picture was 150 Spring St. a few days before the set up (see below)

Hi all!
For a number of years, now, I and my friends have relied upon you to be the place [...]

Should we do a holiday Pop-up Shop?

I have gotten calls this week from many of you, our loyal customers asking us…”Will you have your holiday Pop-up Shop this year?”
My initial reaction was that given the economic climate this certainly didn’t feel like the year to do it. The above picture was the interior of a raw space that we converted [...]

customize your own glassware…

Discover the historic Theresienthal manufacturer
The historic manufacturer Theresienthal founded in 1836 has been the top choice of the Royal Courts of Europe and won countless design awards, including the Medaille d’Or at the World’s Fair in Paris 1937. They have meticulously maintained an enormous archive of glass shapes, artistic elements like gold encrustations, [...]

finger lakes region…

where beautiful landscape & decorative arts meet
Nestled in upstate New York, this area—complete with stunning landscapes—makes a wonderful fall getaway

With its gorgeous scenery and many inspiring activities, the Finger Lakes Region in upstate New York is an ideal setting for a Fall getaway. The area includes many treasures, such as the Corning Museum of Glass. [...]

stemless trend continues this season…

There continues to be a trend toward using stemless glassware for cocktail hour. Many party goers prefer the style as they are easier to manage & hold while socializing then the traditional tall stem. They have also become a favorite choice of many of the top restaurants like The Modern located in The Museum of [...]