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Brand: Artel    Department: Glassware

Artel Frutti Di Mare Giftware Glassware
Artel Frutti Di Mare Giftware Glassware

Elaborately detailed jellyfish, seahorses, octopus and other marine creatures glide effortlessly throughout this oceaninspired motif. This whimsical and unique design, executed in meticulous detail, is one our all-time best sellers and a signature Arteˇl design. In addition to the enchanting aquatic scene adorning its sides, each piece also features a surprise sea creature on its bottom: barware and decorative pieces feature a starfish, and stemware pieces sport a jellyfish. Chic and stylish enough to complement any décor, Frutti di Mare is especially suitable for nautical and seaside settings. This elegant design is extremely popular in clear crystal and blue, and is perhaps most striking in black.

Manufacturer: Artel

Did You Know...

Single Old Fashioned, 8 oz, 3 1/4"" H G-198-FM1-1

Tumbler, 10 oz, 5"" H G-208-FM1-1

Single Old Fashioned, 8 oz, 3 3/4"" H G-209-FM1-1

Double Old Fashioned, 10 oz, 4"" H G-212-FM1-1

Highball, 10 oz, 6 1/4"" H G-275-FM1-1

Vodka, 1 1/2 oz, 2 1/2"" H/Liqueur G-276-FM1-1

Bedside Decanter, Decanter (10 1/2 oz) & Glass (4 oz) G-301-FM1-1

Barware Decanter, Decanter (22 1/2 oz) & Stopper (3 1/2"" H) G-306-FM1-1

Martini, 7 1/2 oz, 7"" H G-901-FM1-1

Wine Goblet, 14 oz G-450-FM1-1

Wine Red, 10 oz G-451-FM1-1

Wine White, 8 oz G-452-FM1-1

Wine Flute, 6 oz. G-453-FM1-1

Stemless Goblet, 7.5 oz G-550-FM1-1

Stemless Red, 7.5 oz G-551-FM1-1

Stemless White, 5.5 oz G-552-FM1-1

Stemless Flute, 6 oz G-553-FM1-1

Stemless Liquer, 1.4 oz G-554-FM1-1

Champagne Flute, 7 1/2 oz G-526-FM1-1

Fruitti Di Mare Square Paperweight G-666-FM1-1

Salt & Pepper Shaker G-602-FM1-2

Napkin Rings G-633-FM1-1

Coaster G-644-FM1-1

Jug, 44 oz G-454-FM1-1

Ice Bucket G-708-FM1-1

Trinket Bowl, 1 1/2"" x 3"" G-586-FM1-1

Trinket Bowl II, 1 1/2"" x 5"" G-583-FM1-1

Dessert Bowl, 13.5 oz G-555-FM1-1

Small Bowl, 3""X7"" G-588-FM1-1

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